Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why Animals Don't Believe In Acupuncture, And How That Helps Them.

I have been in private practice as a Licensed Acupuncturist now for close to eight years. Over and over, people ask me if acupuncture is entirely a psychosomatic/placebo effect/"you have to believe in it or it won't work" type of treatment?

Frequently, I answer this question by pointing out that acupuncture works very with animals. As far as we can tell, animals don't have a reason to believe acupuncture will work-- therefore, animals are a good measure against which we can gauge acupuncture efficacy, demonstrating that it provides therapeutic results, independent from any placebo effect.

As an aside, I observe that acupuncture works maybe "better" when a person is open to it working--read: "believes" it can work.

Why would that be a surprise?

We are, after all, working with the entire System: the Mind, the Body and the Other-than-Mind-or-Body.

So, why not approach acupuncture with an open mind?

If you are going to go forward with acupuncture treatments, why go through it kicking and screaming? That energy could be directed toward helping your body achieve a positive change in your health imbalance.

Here's a good article for you to read, that has a happy ending for a dog, its owner and all points in-between.

Click here now to read the full story:

Animal acupuncture is growing trend - Albuquerque Tribune

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